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Rodger Lizaola is a talented comedian who has been making people laugh since 2003. He started his career in Seattle and quickly became one of the youngest headliners in the Northwest. Over the years, he has opened for comedy legends and iconic musical acts, and in 2023, he became the champion of the Big Sky Comedy Festival. Despite his success, Rodger's comedy career has been full of persistence and hard work. He has competed in numerous comedy festivals and contests, and even won a Renton comedy contest, where he won $100, an "I Love Renton" T-shirt, and the admiration of 47 people. Rodger Lizaola made his television debut on Season 1 of Laughs on Fox and MTV2's ADD-TV. Also is featured in the documentary "Seattle 21st Century City" 

"I am the Champ"

- Rodger Lizaola

"Hey can you tell the green room server to get us another bottle?"
-Mike Epps

"Rodger has a large weiner"
- his girlfriend

"Yeah man, come down and do a guest spot"
-Josh Wolf

"Tell them I said its cool if you smoke in here"
-Donnell Rawlings

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